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Terms of Service

Kyushu Yusen Internet Member Reservation Guide

Thank you for registering for "Kyushu Yusen Internet Reservation Service."
You can make internet reservations for seats on the Express Vessel(Jetfoil) if you register as a member.
If you would like to use the Internet Reservation Service (hereafter The System), please agree after reading the Terms of Service below.

Internet Reservation Service Terms of Service

Article 1    Scope of Application
This agreement applies to the company and customers using The System.
If we change or renew this agreement, we will notify you by posting it on our website.
The notice to the member shall be completed with posting on the website.
Also, upon completion of public announcement, it is assumed that the member agrees with the contents.
Article 2    Compliance with Basic Matters
When using The System "https://www2.kyu-you.co.jp/kyuyu/lang/en/reserve/search," customers shall comply with general morals, manners, and system rules of Internet use.
Article 3    Protection of Personal Information
Personal information registered by customers in The System will be used for communication with customers and for the efficient operation of our company, but it will not be diverted to other purposes.
As a security measure, information that is sent and received between the customer's personal computer and the server of our website in The System is encrypted by SSL, which is an encrypted internet communication technology, and the customer's personal information is encrypted via the Internet To prevent leaks to third parties.
We do not transfer or disclose personal information without your consent within The System to third parties other than our company and the company that our company consigns some business. (Except in the case of disclosure request by law).
 ※For details please see the Privacy Policy.
Article 4    Member Registration
1. The System is operated as a member system.
Only customers who accept this agreement can register for membership.
Registration other than the principal such as a proxy, registration of a corporation, or a travel agency is invalid.
Customers planning to use credit cards also have invalid registration under any name other than that of the credit card holder.
2. You must register your name, address, telephone number, email address (member ID), and password.
When you register as a member, "notice of temporary member registration" will be sent to the registered e-mail address (member ID).
The registration procedure is completed by accessing the URL indicated in the email.
3. The customer will assume all responsibility for the management of the registered ID and password and loan to third parties, assignment, and sharing by multiple people are prohibited.
We will not assume any responsibility if damage to the customer occurs due to the theft of ID or password by a third party.
4. If the customer falls under the items specified below, we may cancel the membership without prior notice.
We will not be responsible for any damage that may occur when we cancel.
  1. (1) When registering with a pseudonym or third party name.
  2. (2) When registering with an invalid address, contact, or e-mail address.
  3. (3) When there are past instances of unauthorized use of Internet reservation, non-payment of fare/ charge, etc.
  4. (4) When there is an error or irregularity in the contact information registered and it is impossible to deliver communications such as reservation confirmation, etc.
Article 5    Reservation/ Cancellation/ Change Procedure
1. In The System, only reservation service will be offered.
You can choose to use credit card or cash at the time of reservation. In the case of using a credit card, we do authentication but do not charge your account.
After booking is completed, we will consider the reservation finished at the time when the reservation confirmation email from us reaches the customer. (Reservation is not confirmed at the time of tentative reservation mail receipt.)
2. Please do not book illegal reservations such as double booking when making a reservation.
In the unlikely event that an unauthorized reservation is found, we will delete the registration of the applicable member and we will refuse use of The System after that.
Also, in case damage to our company occurs due to an unauthorized reservation, please be forewarned that damage amount (cancellation fee etc.) will be charged.
3. New Reservations
Reservations are available from 9:00 am on the day one month before departure until five days before departure.
In addition, it is possible to make a reservation of 14 days including departure date as one journey (return trip, transfer, round trip etc.). (It is not possible to make a reservation of more than 15 days including departure date as one journey.)
4. Cancel or Change Reservations
If you wish to cancel or change reservations after booking is confirmed, please do it by yourself through The System or by telephone.
Cancellation and change procedure in The System are possible from the time of reservation completion up to 5 days before the departure date. Please have ready the reservation number stated in the reservation confirmation email when calling.
5. Applying Discounts
Discounts in line with the reservation process will apply, except for discounts that require presentation of certificates etc. (student discount, disabled discount etc.).
Article 6    Payment (Settlement)
For both reservations by credit card and cash, payment (settlement) will be made at the window on the departure day.
All reservations will be subject to the following cancellation fees from the time of booking completion.
○ Cancellation Processing Fees (for one trip)
[Deadlines] [Cancellation Processing Fees]
Until 7 days before the trip 100yen
Until 2 days before the trip 10%
Until the time of departure 20%
After departure 100%
Article 7    Attribution
All tangible and intangible property related to Internet reservations belong to us.
Article 8    Taking Effect
This agreement is effective as of March 30th, 2011.

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